Trattamento Perfezionante Corpo

A NEW, hi-tech anti-cellulite treatment exclusive to the Dr Sebagh Clinic, London.

Internationally renowned for pioneering the very latest advances in non-surgical cosmetic procedures, Dr Sebagh announces the launch of the Dr Sebagh Body Perfecting Treatment.

Dr Anna Marie OlsenThis new bespoke treatment, developed by Dr Anna Marie Olsen M.D. PhD., features the use of two NEW machines which are only available at the world famous Dr Sebagh Clinic, 25 Wimpole Street, London W1.

‘This treatment is personalised to each individual, their age and the condition of their skin,’ says Dr Olsen.

The Dr Sebagh Body Perfecting Treatment begins with a consultation during which Dr Olsen will assess the grade of cellulite present, taking into account the hormonal age and the genetic age of the patient. She will then implement a made-to-measure treatment programme, comprising three stages:

Stage 1: A personalised series of injections is given to deliver a bespoke cocktail of ingredients. This is carried out using a mesotherapy gun, applied directly to the affected area to dissolve fat cells. The ingredients used will depend on the patient. For example, caffeine is renowned for helping to reduce water retention, silica helps to diminish the appearance of stretch marks and L-Carnitine is often used to assist with weight loss.

Stage 2: Exclusive to the Dr Sebagh Clinic, the Ultralift machine is used to deliver powerful yet gentle high frequency ultrasound waves to target the muscle layer below the skin. Whilst Ultralift is ideal for helping to lift and tone the bum and thighs, if the zone being treated is from the bra-line to the abdominal area, the NEW Ultra Fat Blaster machine – also exclusive to the Dr Sebagh clinic – is used. Working in a completely different way to Ultralift, it uses high frequency focused heated ultrasound to target and break down fat. Dr Olsen advises clients take some form of pain medication prior to each treatment. Three 40 minute sessions, spaced three weeks apart, are recommended.

Stage 3: For the final stage, the NEW Scarlet S radio frequency treatment is used. A totally painless procedure, this works on skin appearance, tightening the superficial layer of the skin in order to reduce puckering and helping to restore a smooth, even surface. Developed in South Korea and exclusive to the Dr Sebagh Clinic, the Scarlet S machine features 25 fine, short needles through which the radio frequency is passed. This treatment can be used all over the body and requires 3-4 hours downtime, when there might be some bruising.

Treatment times vary according to each patient’s needs. Results can last for between three months and a year. All ingredients used in the topical injections are natural and present in the body. Adjustments can be made in the case of allergies.

‘Fluid retention can also be confused with cellulite,’ adds Dr Olsen. ‘The treatment can be used in conjunction with lymphatic drainage massage. In some cases, a bum-lift— available, too, at the clinic—can also dramatically improve the appearance of cellulite.’